Greg Russo Talks About the Tone for MORTAL KOMBAT

Not much is known about James Wan’s upcoming Mortal Kombat film reboot. Several months ago, Wan asked fans to be patient, and while we’ve been good, Greg Russo has opened up a little about the film. Speaking with Discussing Film, Russo was asked about what the tone of the film is, and he answered without giving anything away:

Yeah, I think that’s essential when you’re talking about this property. Is there really a super serious dark version of this? Yeah, I guess, but that’s not Mortal Kombat to me. Just look at Kano as an example, he’s a great character. He’s always cracking jokes. To me there needs to a certain levity and a fun tone. While there is violence and there is fighting and real stakes and emotional stakes for all the people involved at the end of the day it still should be fun and a sense of humor. As much as I hate to throw up the direct comparison to Marvel they’re still fun and always cracking jokes but obviously ours will be a bit more adult.

Do you agree with this take on tone? Something with plenty of violence and gore, but still humorous.

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