Growing Up Geek: Music Video for Giant - "Stay"

After I did the Super Nintendo commercial for the video game Super Adventure Island, the next acting gig I landed was for a music video for a rock band that called themselves Giant

I landed the lead in the video and was pretty stoked about it. I played a kid who builds this amazing massive sand castle on the beach. What was fun about this video is that I actually had a love interest in the story. I meet a girl on the beach, and my way to her heart is to show off my sandcastle building skills. Little do I know that I'm being stalked by a gang of other little kids who are going to attack me and destroy the castle. After that the girl leaves me and I'm left alone to wallow in my grief, embarrassed and defeated. 

I always loved the beach, so being on the set of this production was great! The music video was a three day shoot, and it was shot while school was in session, so it was the first time that I had an experience with what on-set schooling was like. The kids and I actually had to go to a bungalow where there was a teacher their to teach us... stuff. I can't even remember what she was teaching,  I do remember thinking how weird it was. 

All of the kids that I worked with on this project were really a great bunch. Everyone got along great, even the kids that came in at the end to kick my castle's ass, and make me look like an idiot in front of the girl. There was one girl in particular that I crushed on during the shoot. It wasn't the female lead, though, it was one of the blonde bad girls who had the pleasure of humiliating me at the end of the video. 

We hung out a lot during the shoot and it was a complete blast. I wasn't really picking up girls' phone numbers at this time in my life so after the shoot was over I never saw her again. Every now and then I think back on the people I've met on these shows I did and wonder how they are.

I've always enjoyed being on the set of films, TV shows, and stuff like this. There's a certain energy to it that I loved feeling. I've included the music video for you to watch below. To catch up on any Growing Up Geek articles you may have missed, click here

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