Growing Up Geek: My First Kiss

In the feature film adaptation of Stephen King's Hearts of Atlantis, Ted (Anthony Hopkins) is talking to Bobby (Anton Yelchin) about his first kiss. He tells him that "it will be the kiss by which all others in your life will be judged... and found wanting." This statement has been true for me in my life. A person's first kiss is something I don't think anyone could ever forget. I know I won't, I remember my first kiss like it was yesterday. 

Time for a flashback to the year 1984. I was almost six years old and I was playing with a girl who lived across the street who was nicknamed "Treasure." What's funny about this is I don't even recollect playing with her before or after this momentous event took place. This is the only memory I have of this girl, and it's a good one.

We were in front of the apartment complex that my family and I lived in, and we were playing with my G.I. Joes in the dirt between a brick wall and a bush. It was like a little fort of sorts. While G.I. Joe and Cobra were at war with each other, I looked up at Treasure and she was just kind of staring at me. My eyes locked with hers and we just sat there staring. It wasn't weird or uncomfortable, but this exciting feeling and curiosity engulfed me and I got this crazy idea. 

Without really any thought I asked, "do you want to kiss me?" She sheepishly replied, "Yes." I wasn't really sure how to proceed from that point. I saw my parent's kiss all the time so I knew how to do it, I just didn't know how to get from point A to point B. After a minute of fiddling around with my G.I. Joes I said to her, "Ok, on the count of three we'll kiss," she shook her head in agreement and proceeded to count, one… two… three…

We slowly moved in closer to each other and...

I mean wow! I couldn't believe what we had done, and I didn't ever want it to end. Feeling her lips on mine was one of the most amazing feelings ever. Her lips were so soft, I'll never forget how soft they were, or the smile she had on her face after we pulled away from each other. My heart was racing like crazy, I loved what I was feeling and this was something I knew I wanted to do a lot of from there on out. I was born again and I was hooked. We never kissed again after that experience. 

Every time I kissed a girl after that I would honestly think about that first kiss and compare it. My second kiss wouldn't come for another 5 years, but I remember my first thought was "Hmmm, her lips aren't as soft as Treasure's." I think it's both awesome and very funny that I have always thought about that kiss with every other girl I ever locked lips with. 

That's was a really fun memory for me to revisit. Please feel free to share the experience of your first kiss in the comments section.

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