GTA 4 Kids Is Adorable, but in All the Wrong Ways


Before we get started, no, this is actually not for kids, so please don't save this to your view later list thinking this would be good father/mother son bonding time. With that out of the way however, this is just fantastic, and as a parent who has watched way too much Dora, Barney, Diego, Bananas in Pajamas, etc ad nauseam, Nacho Punch nailed the constant repetition of those shows brilliantly. I'm a sucker for the animation style as well, and couldn't help but laugh at the fact that Michael can't even catch a break in an animated version of GTA. Poor guy. Regardless of Michael's luck, I'm hoping this isn't the last we see of this series, and if you feel the same way, show the creator some love over at his YouTube page.