GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 is a Great Start To a New Comic Book Run

For those of you unaware, Guardians of the Galaxy has been grounded for a while. After coming to earth to help out during Civil War 2, their ship crashed and the team split to do their own thing on earth. The comic ended, and for a while it seemed like they were destined to never get back together again. HA! Like that would happen. Of course, with the new GotG film coming out, the comic has also made a comeback. 

The comic continues its desire to connect with the film by having Groot be baby Groot. It is very vague on the reason why he is not growing back, but teases a story arc that may explain Groot's inexplicable change. Another new development in the Guardians comic is Drax is a pacifist. Yeah, the murderous dude is giving peace a try. Then there's Gamora, who is hiding something troubling that's making her very snappish. Even more than usual. The team seems so weird that even Rocket had to mention that with everything that has happened, Quill seems the most normal, which is never good.

It's a great start to a new run. The whole thing starts out with the Guardians stealing an artifact from an entire planet, by pretending to be Galactus. Rocket builds a Galactus Robot, everyone runs for their life expecting the end of the world, and then they sneak into where they need to steal the artifact. I love a good heist story, and a galactic heist is even cooler. The characters all have their own fun, unique twists, but the Guardians still feel like the Guardians. At the end, it's revealed they were working for the Grandmaster, which was a surprise to even them. Their next mission? Steal from the Collector, which is no easy task, but makes me excited. 

I'm glad to see the Guardians back in space where they belong. It's also fun to see their dynamic, as many are still angry at Quill and everyone else's changes. Then there's a tease at the end, which looks to be a great story. So as we know, Groot isn't growing back like he always does. Something's wrong with him, and at the end, we get an idea of just what that might be. Someone has taken splinters of Groot and has begun a Groot Farm. Growing an army of Groots to serve him. The figure is hooded, so we don't know who or what he is, but it is definitely a great tease for future events.

All in all, I'm excited about the new comic run. This is a good first issue that stands on it's own but also sets up for plenty of things ahead. I can't wait to see where it goes.

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