GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Is Marvel's Highest Ranking Movie on IMDb's Top 250

Guardians of the Galaxy has earned a top spot on one of the most prestigious movie lists of all time. The IMDb Top 250 films list has long been a source of the definitive movies you must see. So imagine the Internet's surprise when after one week, Guardians managed to snag a spot at #34 (at time of publication) on the list! Currently, that puts its scores above the next highest Marvel movie, The Avengers, which currently is at #185. Neither, however, are anywhere close to the rating DC's The Dark Knight, which is at #4 on the list.

So will this number stand? Most likely Guardians will take a plummet as the weeks continue and the hype starts to dwindle. People will become a bit more jaded and give more conservative ratings and the numbers will slip a bit. That being said, it's entirely possible that when the dust settles Guardians will still be the highest rated Marvel movie of all time! A title I think is well deserving at the moment, but we shall see how we all feel once the excitement has worn off in a couple weeks.

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