GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: Roundup — Interview, Photos, and Featurette


Guardians of The Galaxy is coming out this weekend and we are currently experiencing what's called a "media blitz." At this point you've already made up your mind about watching it, so instead of doing three separate posts I thought, why not combine three into one? We have a couple behind the scenes photos via director James Gunn's Instagram account, a video featurette about Rocket and Groot, and an interview with Karen Gillan

Vulture talks to Gillan about playing Nebula and shaving her head:

What was it like to shave it all off for Guardians of the Galaxy?
I laughed hysterically when they got rid of it. Like, it was scary, but mainly funny. Then I fell asleep for two hours afterward, which was really weird. It felt very strange waking up without it. I couldn’t touch my head for awhile because I was freaked out by it.
You play the deadly assassin Nebula in the film. Was it worth going bald to play her?
Oh, yeah! I’d never played a bad guy before, and this character was particularly fun because she slopes in and out of things and she’s completely sadistic. She’s got a very interesting sisterly relationship with Gamora, played by Zoe Saldana. There’s a lot of bitter jealousy going on there. I also get to put men in headlocks, which is something I aspired to, frankly.
Superhero movies are usually a boys' club. Did you feel that way here?
No, I never thought of it that way. Zoe and I had so, so much to do. Nebula and Gamora are really strong females. They’re not just talking about the men the whole time, which is a very common thing, for women to just be there to advance the plot of the men. It wasn’t like that at all. That was something our director James Gunn was very aware of, just fleshing out these female characters. Zoe and I were like, Thank God! [Laughs] We also happen to have the film’s most epic fight sequence.

Watch Guardians of The Galaxy is weekend it a very fun and funny movie.

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