GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY - Opening Scene Featurette and 8-Bit Fun

Guardians of the Galaxy will be released on Blu-ray and DVD later this month, and in anticipation, director James Gunn has released a couple of special features that will be included with it. We have a feature that focuses on the awesome opening sequence with Peter Quill dancing around a strange planet. The other one gives us a sneak peek at some other special features, and it starts off with an 8-Bit style game called "Galactic Adventurer." Both of them include some director commentary and also offer up some cool behind-the-scenes footage. 

I think the 8-Bit game is used as a framing device for featurette material on the Blu-ray/DVD, but I hope that it’s playable! The movie will be available to own on December 9th.

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