Guillermo del Toro Explains Why He Prefers BETTER CALL SAUL Over BREAKING BAD


When it comes to comparing Better Call Saul to Breaking Bad, I can’t definitively say one is better than the other. There are times I think people who say Saul is better haven’t watched B.B. in a long time, but there are times where I find myself engrossed and completely invested in Saul when its nothing more than Jimmy McGill trying to get by.

There is a certain magic to the show that is a little hard to describe to outsiders, although Guillermo del Toro did a pretty solid job recently of describing why he prefers the program:

I still don’t know if this means Saul is better than Breaking Bad, but I do know del Toro just helped me out in future conversations in articulating what it is I love about Saul so much! Do you think Saul is better than Breaking Bad?

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