Guillermo Del Toro Is Taking A Year Break From Directing

Guillermo Del Toro is taking a break from directing, and fans shouldn't expect to see him back in the saddle until at least a year from now. As far as why Del Toro is stepping away, the director took some time to talk to Collider about the decision and states it comes down to giving a film the proper amount of attention it deserves. Specifically, The Shape Of Water

“I felt The Shape of Water needed a good six months of undivided attention, to find an audience and to enjoy it, as a human being that made something I’m proud of and happy with. It’s happened to me, in the past. In 2001, with The Devil’s Backbone, which is my second favorite movie I’ve ever done, I was doing Blade 2. Shape is the first, and then Devil’s, and then Pan’s [Labyrinth]. When Devil’s Backbone was touring, I was busy in post-production on Blade 2, and it shouldn’t happen like that. I was so proud of that movie, and I didn’t enjoy it and I didn’t maximize my time with it. Movies are like children. They grow up and they leave you, and they don’t come back home. They go to university and don’t call. So, I wanted to travel with Shape of Water.”

Not like anyone can argue with that! Even if people were mad, is Del Toro really going to be away so long that he's no longer relevant? I'm just glad The Shape Of Water is doing so well as I've wanted to see him hit a home run with one of his films for awhile! Are you excited to see it?

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