Guillermo del Toro Offers a Grim Explanation as to Why He Was Drawn To Monster Movies as a Kid

I love the monster films that Guillermo del Toro has made throughout the course of his career. His films are inspired by his love for the horror films that he grew up watching and his love for those films shines through in his work. 

During an interview with Variety, Del Toro opened up about why he was drawn to monster movies and it's kind of a grim and chilling explanation, but it's also insightful. He says:

"I started loving the monsters because, with the monsters, as a child, you don’t have to think. The adults that were supposed to be good with you were bad. The adults that were supposed to protect you, beat you. But the monsters, they did what they looked like [they would do]. You swim with the fucking Creature of the Black Lagoon and you’re gonna die."

Damn. That's a brutally honest explanation. Embracing monster movies to escape the darkness that lurks in the people that should be protecting you. I'm sure a lot of monster movie fans can relate to what he is saying here. 

I especially loved that last hardcore statement involving the Creature From the Black Lagoon. Dell Toro certainly has a way with words. What do you think about what the filmmaker had to say here about what drew him to monster movies?

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