Guillermo del Toro Says PACIFIC RIM 2 Is “Still Going”

Back in September of last year we learned that Legendary Pictures had put Pacific Rim 2 on hold indefinitely. This led to a lot of people speculating that the film has been cancelled. It turns out that might not be the case. Director Guillermo del Toro recently took Twitter to set the record straight:

Del Toro was originally supposed to go into production on Pacific Rim 2 after he finished Crimson Peak, but the movie has had a rough road. It was put on hold then eventually removed from Legendary and Universal Pictures’ movie release line-up altogether. I was really hoping it wasn’t dead, so it’s great to hear that Del Toro is still working on it. 

Last week it was revealed that he is in talks to develop a new version of Fantastic Voyage for James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment. If he ends up doing that, then maybe Pacific Rim 2 will happen after.

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