Guillermo Del Toro Says That HELLBOY 3 "Will Not Happen" and "That's the Final Thing About It"

Remember when director Guillermo del Toro raised the hopes of Hellboy fans everywhere for a third film when he promised meetings with Ron Perlman and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola to talk about a third film? It was exciting! There was finally going to be some real movement with Hellboy 3!

Well, today that excitement has died. Del Toro announced on Twitter that Hellboy 3 is 100% not happening and said, "this is to be the final thing about it." Here's his tweet:

So that sucks ass. It makes me wonder if the whole reason and plan behind hyping this whole thing up was to get everyone's attention just to later say that Hellboy 3 isn't happening so that the fans and press stop bringing it up. What I'm saying is that this crappy outcome was part of his plan all along. He probably got together with everyone just to tell them to please stop teasing, pushing, and talking about any possibility of Hellboy 3. Anyway, he definitely got our attention. That tweet makes it very clear that this is a true end to the discussion.

So, we can all forget about Hellboy 3. I think there could have been something great there, but... oh well. That's life. 

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