Guillermo del Toro Shares a List of His Favorite Superhero Movies

Director Guillermo del Toro is a fanboy just like the rest of us. He enjoys watching superhero films, and he’s even had the opportunity to make of couple of them himself with the Hellboy and Blade franchises.

The Oscar winner has decided to share a list of his favorite superhero films. I don’t know if these are in any particular order, but it’s definitely a solid list! You’d find a lot of those on my own list of favorite superhero films.

Some of the films on his list include Sam Raimi’s first two Spider-Man films, Superman, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Unbreakable, Logan, and Wonder Woman. You can check out the full list below:

I’m happy to see Unbreakable on there because out of all of them, that’s the one original film idea that wasn’t based on an existing comic book.

What do you think about Del Toro’s list? How many of these movies would end up on your own list?

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