Guillermo Del Toro Shares Photos of Practical Ghost Effects From CRIMSON PEAK

I don't envy the Universal team who had to sell Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak to general audiences. For those of us who had been paying attention since the movie was first announced, we knew to expect a Gothic romance instead of a straight up horror film. But a Gothic romance with hints of scares doesn't exactly sound like something audiences would line up for, and they were probably pressured by the higher-ups to cut trailers that made the movie out to look more like a horror film than was ever actually intended by the filmmaker. (Check out Mick's review, which further explores this idea.)

One of the gripes I'd heard about the movie is that its ghosts looked like they were largely CG creations, but del Toro took to his (awesome and relatively new) Twitter account to refute that notion by posting photos of the practical makeup effects used in the movie. As with almost all of the practical effects that have been associated with the filmmaker over his career, they're gorgeously designed, a little twisted, and a little creepy. Check out the enlarged photos below, and check out Crimson Peak in theaters now:

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