Han Solo Rumors for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

It looks like we're in for another week of Star Wars: Episode VII rumors. Last week we got a look at the new stormtrooper designs, some Han Solo concept art, and some villain information. Then, earlier today we posted some concept art of the new villain, and now we have some really interesting information on Han Solo! SPOILERS ahead!

Earlier in the week a report surfaced that Han and Chewie no longer have the Millennium Falcon and that it's possibly being piloted by Oscar Issac's character now. Apparently, the two lost it while gambling. According to Indie Revolver, Han and Chewie are actually piloting a freakin' Super Star Destroyer in Episode VII!

"Han and Chewie are piloting a Super Star Destroyer….I believe the Falcon is in the hands of Oscar Isaac’s character, who is very much the Lando Calrissian of this movie – all the way down to wearing a cape. There are other familiar spaceships in this movie, including three variations on TIE Fighters. There’s the classic design, the TIE Interceptor and a new generation TIE Bomber – the pods on these are stacked, not side-by-side."

The site also mentions a little something that is sure to get fans excited,

"Back to Han – you will get to see him use a lightsaber once again."

Oh, hell yeah! I hope he actually uses it in battle! The last time we saw Han with a lightsaber is when he used Luke's to cut open the Tauntaun that he shoved Luke into to keep him warm. As far the the Super Star Destroyer goes, I have no idea why they would be flying that huge thing around, but I love the idea of it. If they lost the Millennium Falcon, they had to get their hands on some kind of ship to get around in, so why not a Super Star Destroyer? 

This is all just a rumor right now from a site that seems to have a lot of information on the movie. This stuff really isn't hard for me to believe, though. Anything is possible in this universe. I'll leave it to your discretion whether or not you want to believe any of this.