STAR TREK: PICARD Pilot To Be Helmed By DISCOVERY Director Hanelle Culpepper

I’m excited for the upcoming series Star Trek series about Jean-Luc Picard who is played by Sir Patrick Stewart. Star Trek: The Next Generation was my introduction to the franchise and so I have a real soft spot for Captain Picard. Well now, we know who is directing the pilot: Hanelle Culpepper. Culpepper will be the first female director of a Star Trek pilot, and she has a lot of experience. She’s worked on Castle, Criminal Minds, Empire, Gotham, Grimm, The Flash, and even Star Trek Discovery to name a few.

The series will take place 10 years after Star Trek: Nemesis and 19 years after TNG’s final episode. No release date has been given yet, but it is set to release later this year on CBS All Access. Are you excited?

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