HAPPY DEATH DAY Director Christopher Landon is Helming a New Horror Film For Blumhouse

The director of the two Happy Death Day films, Christopher Landon, has jumped on board a new horror movie project at Blumhouse.

There aren’t a lot of details to share on the project, but according to Discussing Film, the story will “focus on a killer who wreaks havoc in a small town.” That’s pretty vague, but we can expect it to be a murder thriller. Landon seems to be an inventive storyteller, so I’m sure this movie will end up having a fun and unique approach to the story.

Some of Landon’s other writing credits include Disturbia, and four of the Paranormal Activity films. He also wrote and directed A Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse and the Emma Roberts/Dave Franco social media thriller Viral. All of those projects ended up being fun and enjoyable films.

Whatever this new horror project ends up being, I hope that he ends up bringing us something fresh with a twist.

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