Hardcore Live-Action Short Film - HOTLINE MIAMI 2: "DO YOU LIKE TO HURT PEOPLE"

Machinima Prime  has released a hardcore live-action short film based on the hit video game Hotline Miami. The film is called "Hotline Miami 2: 'Do You Like to Hurt People'" and the story follows a murderous vigilante in an animal mask as he embarks on a bloody rampage through a seedy and neon-lit Miami drug den on New Year's Eve. It a really well-made and violent short. I should warn you that it's probably NSFW. Here's the synopsis: 

It's the 1st annual anniversary of the Hotline massacres in Miami Florida and crime has already begun to resurface. Unbeknownst to a local drug and prostitution syndicate a team of copy cat killers have taken up the mask and plan on separating some gangster blood from body.

I just don't see how anyone could be that effective at fighting and killing while wearing a animal mask that is sure to limit a person's vision. This guy must be incredibly skilled, and maybe he's been training blindfolded. Enjoy the film!

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