Harley Quinn's Classic Jester Suit Spotted in Suicide Squad Trailer! Does She Wear It?

Last month we learned that Margot Robbie tried on various different costumes for her version of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. One of those costumes included the iconic court jester costume that the character wore in her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series.

Well, it looks like that costume actually made it into the movie as it was spotted in the trailer for the film. The Easter egg was discovered by eobardthawne42. The red and black jester costume was spotted laying on the ground behind a black container. You can see it in the photo below. Under the photos, I include some speculation about the costume and how it might fit into this scene. 

A lot of fans were disappointed that Harley Quinn wouldn’t be sporting the outfit in the movie. But with this latest discovery, maybe there’s a chance she could put it on for a scene or two. That would awesome! 

It makes me wonder if Harley is actually wearing the jester costume early on in this scene. In the last trailer that was released, we see Quinn putting on her “Daddy’s Little Monster” shirt. It’s the scene where we get a look at her in her bra and everyone is staring at her. I think there’s a good chance she showed up to this little gathering in the jester outfit and then took it off and threw it on the ground and continued to get changed. Or maybe it's an outfit that was in that box in front of her and she looks at it, chooses not to wear it, and tosses it aside. What do you think? I included the trailer below.

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