Harrison Ford Comments on Chris Pratt Joining INDIANA JONES - "It's Him or Me"

We know that Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford will be returning to make at lease one more Indiana Jones film together. But, that won’t be the end of the franchise. Disney CEO Bob Iger has previously said that this will not be the last Indiana Jones movie and that the franchise will continue.

We don’t know how the franchise will continue without Ford in the role of Indiana Jones. But, it will either center on a whole new younger character that will be introduced in the fifth installment, or it will focus on a young version of Indiana Jones.

If Lucasfilm decides to got the young Indiana Jones route, a lot of fans thinks that Chris Pratt would be a solid choice for the role. But, Spielberg did previously say, "There is only going to be one actor playing Indiana Jones and that’s Harrison Ford."

Variety recently caught up with Ford and asked him about the possibility of working with Pratt on the next Indiana Jones movie and he said, "I think it's him or me.”

Obviously it’s him! I think once Ford is done, so is Indiana. If the franchise does go beyond five, I’m sure it will focus on a completely new character. Spielberg has teased that there is a chance Jones’ successor could be a woman.

Jonathan Kasdan (Solo) has come on board to write the script for Indiana Jones 5 and it will be released in theaters on July 9th, 2021.

Where would you like to see the franchise go after Ford hangs up his hat and whip?

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