Harrison Ford "Didn't Give a Rats Ass" About Passing The Torch Off To New STAR WARS Characters

Here's the grumpy Harrison Ford that I remember! For years before Ford returned to reprise his role of Han Solo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he always seemed to hate talking about Star Wars when fans asked him about it in interviews. Well, now that his place in the Star Wars universe is officially dead, he seems to be returning to his grumpy ways. 

As you know, The Force Awakens told a Star Wars story that introduced us to a number of new younger characters. The filmmakers have passed the torch off to these new characters and both Han Solo and Luke Skywalker have been killed off in the process. 

It turns out that Harrison Ford doesn't really care that much about handing the torch off to anyone in the Star Wars universe. In a recent interview, the actor was asked how he felt about "passing the Star Wars baton" and this was his blunt response: 

"I don’t know that I thought of it that way at all. I was there to die. And I didn’t really give a rat’s ass who got my sword."

So... there it is. Ford has wanted Han Solo to die since The Empire Strikes Back. He finally got his wish and now he's back to not caring about Star Wars. I love Harrison Ford. 

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