Harrison Ford Talks About His Excitement For INDIANA JONES 5

We all know that The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was super painful to watch. Sad but true. With that being said, I still just can’t help but be excited for the prospect of another installment in the Indiana Jones franchise. What makes it better is knowing that Harrison Ford is excited for it too! 

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ford opened up about how he feels on the whole Indiana Jones subject:

"The opportunity to work with Steven again, and the chance to revisit this character which has brought pleasure to so many people — not to mention me. It’s great fun to play this character, it’s great fun to work with Steven. I’m looking forward to it."

I am glad that he is ready to jump into that world again. There is no word yet as to when filming will start. I am anxiously waiting for any information in regards to the movie. Until it is released, I will have to watch the original three movies. You know, for research and stuff. 

Indiana Jones 5 was officially announced last week. It's set to be released in 2019 and David Koepp was hired by Spielberg to write the script. I also included a video of Ford talking about how he finally got Disney and Lucasfilm to (SPOILERS for The Force Awakens) kill off Han Solo.

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