Hasbro Is Bringing Ms. Monopoly to Tabletops to Celebrate Women Trailblazers and Flip the Pay Gap


While women are still struggling in many careers to make as much as their male counterparts, progress is being made, and some companies are choosing to close that pay gap. So while we wait for equal pay in real life, at least women can pretend to make as much money as men, or actually make even more money than men in Hasbro’s new version of their classic real-estate game, with Ms. Monopoly.

USA Today reports that the game includes some modern updates including “ride shares instead of railroads and Wi-Fi instead of water works.” The game is available for pre-order at Wal-Mart, and will cost $19.99.

I don’t see how this is necessary, as Monopoly has always been a roll of the dice game of luck. It was equal, and I don’t see why giving women more in a situation where everything was fair makes the game more fun. I wouldn’t buy this game and have my kids play it, making them feel that boys are inferior, or girls should expect a hand up just because of their gender.

It’s unrealistic and silly. Maybe we should focus on paying women more in real life and less on giving them advantages in board games. What do you think?

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