Have Some Fun with the Light-Hearted "Walk The Blink Dog" DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Adventure

There are times when you want to play Dungeons & Dragons but you need a moment of levity. If you’ve hit that point in your campaign, and your party enjoys animals, you may want to check out the unofficial one-shot adventure Walk the Blink Dog from Christopher J Foster.

This adventure is designed to fit in any setting and any campaign. The only catch is that it assumes that your party is in a big metropolitan city area. In addition, the adventure is set for a party of 4 adventurers of any level. That’s right, this doesn’t care if you’re level 1, 20, or somewhere in the middle. It’s for everyone. If you need some levity in your game (like one of your party members recently died) then this may be a good option for you.

Do you have animal lovers in your party? Does everyone want an animal companion? Then this is the adventure for you! Several canines at Harmony Park have gone missing and need to be found!

Walk the Blink Dog is available from DMs Guild for any price you see fit.

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