Hawk and Dove Will Feature Some Changes from the Comics for TITANS

Some fans of DC characters Hawk and Dove may be slightly disappointed by the characters in Titans. Titans is going for a more grounded approach according to Minka Kelly who is playing Dove in the show. A result of the grounded approach is that Hawk and Dove will not have superpowers. I’m a little saddened that a “grounded” approach means getting rid of the fun that is superpowers in a show about superheroes, but I guess the writers deemed turning into a dove too whimsical. Here’s Kelly’s explanation to iHeartRadio.

I have a background in ballet, in gymnastics, and jiu-jitsu, so I’m pretty talented. So I can fight, and I have a super suit, and I have wings. I have 30-pound wings that I wear that — I can’t fly because they try — it’s realistic as possible. I can’t fly, because that would be not realistic, you know? I’m a real person. I have wings, but they’re my shield, they’re my weapon, so I take people under my wing and I protect them, and I slice people with them when I fight. The fighting — we all have our own individual specific style of fighting, and mine, in particular, is like a dancer.

I don’t know that I agree with the idea of stripping superpowers from superheroes, but I haven’t seen the show yet. Maybe it all works out. I do like how her fighting style will presumably be more of a dance. I do find that interesting. Titans is set to premiere on DC Universe when that launches this fall. Are you sad to hear they’re getting rid of at least some superpowers?

Source: iHeartRadio

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