Hawkeye Saves The Day in Fan-Made Alternate Ending For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR


A fun fan-made video has surfaced for Avengers: Infinity War that sees Hawkeye making a surprise appearance at the end to save the day and stop Thanos from snapping his fingers. One well-shot arrow could've changed the entire course of the MCU! The video below is kind of silly, but it's still entertaining!

Unfortunately, Hawkeye was under house arrest and didn't come out to play with his team in the film. He could've made a big difference. But Avengers 4 will put a major focus on the character and his journey after the events of Infinity War. I've speculated before that I think Hawkeye loses his family to Thanos' snap and this tragic event takes him down a dark path to becoming Ronin. 

See how Hawkeye could've changed the outcome of history in the video below. If the embed isn't working, click here.

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