Hayao Miyazaki Coming out of Retirement to Make a New Film

You may have heard that Studio Ghibli is having some financial issues and are currently taking a break from making anymore films until they can figure things out. According to veteran Studio Ghibli producer, Toshio Suzuki, Legendary anime director Hayao Miyazaki may come out of retirement to "make something again."

He went on to explain in a TBS documentary, that Miyazaki had talked to him about making a short film for the Ghibli Musuem in Mitaka, Tokyo. “This is my guess, but I’m thinking it will be something short.” 

Suzuki also appeared on the NHK morning show “Asa Ichi” to clarify his earlier statements about the animation studio saying:

“We’re changing the way we make (animation). We wanted to make a dream company. We thought we would make what suited us and not make what didn’t suit us. We were able to realize (that dream) to some extent and we’re very happy about that. But now we’re at a point where we’ve got to think about what we’ll do next.”  

I love the films that Studio Ghibli has made over the years, and it's truly sad to see them in this predicament. I really hope that they can figure it out, and bring the studio back to life in full swing. As for Miyazaki, the guy deserves the retirement that he's earned, but if he does come back to create a new film, I won't complain. 

Source: Variety

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