Hayley Atwell Wants to Play The Doctor in DOCTOR WHO

During a brief Twitter Q&A, Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell was asked if she would like to be on Doctor Who. Her response to this question is perfectly awesome. She simply replied with:

“I’d like to BE Doctor Who.”

Ok, Steven Moffat. Did you hear that? There are a lot of fans out there who have been asking for a female Doctor, and when it happens, Atwell should be your number one choice. I freakin’ love the thought of seeing Atwell in the role of The Doctor! I think she would seriously be perfect for it. 

She’s obviously willing to do it, so all Moffatt has to do is ask! What do you all think about Atwell as The Doctor? Is this something that you would like to see happen?

Via: The Mary Sue

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