HBO Is Developing a Movie About the Making of THE GODFATHER

HBO Films is developing an intriguing new movie called Francis & the Godfather, and it tells the behind-the-scenes story of Francis Ford Coppola's journey to adapt Mario Puzo's The Godfather into a feature film in 1972. 

The Godfather is one of the of my favorite films of all time and is considered a masterpiece by a lot of film buffs. I took a course in college that focused mostly on The Godfather, so a film that tells the story of the making of the film is definitely something that interests me. 

Francis & the Godfather tells the behind-the-scenes story of the film’s creation, from Coppola joining the project to the casting of Al Pacino and Marlon Brando to dealings with the real-life New York mafia.

The script for Francis & the Godfather comes from Andrew Farotte, who is currently revising his original screenplay that appeared on the 2015 Black List. The production also brought in Peter Bart to consult on the project. He was the executive at Paramount Pictures who first optioned Puzo’s novel and worked closely with Robert Evans and Coppola on the development of The Godfather

There's no other information on the project, but I'm curious to see how this project comes together and what kind of behind-the-scenes stories it tells us. 

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