Hear Chewbacca Speak English in Behind The Scenes Footage From STAR WARS

I always assumed Peter Mayhew was just mouthing and flailing his arms on the set of Star Wars, but it turns out (via io9) he actually has dialogue in English he says during the film! Today is the first time Star Wars fans are actually going to see that happening. 

In this behind the scenes video shared by Mayhew on Twitter, we see Chewbacca speaking English in a rough cut from Star Wars: A New Hope as he's talking to Han Solo. The footage (which was found by Filmumentaries filmmaker Jamie Benning) is kind of rough, but you'll hear Chewbacca belting out dialogue in an English accent and everything:

I never in a million years would've guessed that's how he sounds in real life. Weirdly enough, he actually kind of sounds like a human Chewbacca! I guess if there was one person to fit that description it would have to be Mayhew, right? 

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