Hear Mark Hamill Tease His Creepy Chucky Laugh in CHILD'S PLAY Reboot


After seven Chucky movies, actor Brad Dourif has hung up his hat and passed the voice of the iconic evil doll on to none other than our beloved Mark Hamill. We have been given a little tease of the creepy laugh he will use to bring Chucky to life in the reboot. But bear in mind that when I say little tease, I really mean it. Give it a listen for yourself:

Comicbook reported that:

“In the original film, Dourif played the murderous Charles Lee Ray who, after a fatal encounter with police officers, used his final moments on Earth to perform a voodoo ritual which transferred his spirit into the body of a pint-sized doll. When an unsuspecting mother purchased the toy for her son, the murderer, calling himself "Chucky," is able to continue his rampage.”

Then went on to add:

One major difference with this reboot is that, rather than a voodoo ritual, the film will depict the terrors of artificial intelligence in the doll malfunctioning.

So it sounds like they are taking the old Child’s Play story and bringing it to the modern age. Hamill is joined in the cast by Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation, Ingrid Goes West), Brian Tyree Henry (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Hotel Artemis), Tim Matheson (The West Wing), David Lewis (Man of Steel), and more.

Child’s Play hits theaters on June 21. Are you excited to hear Mark Hamill in all his Chucky glory?

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