Heart-Pounding New Promo Spot For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR with Tons of New Footage and a Spider-Man Clip


"Today we don't fight for one life. We fight for all of them."

As we get closer to the release of Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel is keeping the excitement alive and growing as they have released a new promo spot and a clip involving Spider-Man that are both packed full of new footage. The new promo especially is heart-pounding as the Avengers gather together on the battlefield with Wakanda's army ready to fight and they begin to chant their battle cry. It's sure to get fans pumped up! 

The spot also shows Steve Rogers reuniting with his friend Bucky Barnes for the first time since the post-credits scene of Captain America: Civil War. when he dropped him off at Wakanda. It shows Shuri in action with her sonic blasters and a new shot of Thanos jumping through the air.

Make sure to watch past the title card because there's a fun moment between Okoye and King T'Challa where they joke about opening Wakanda up to the Olympics or a Starbucks, as opposed to bringing the Avengers in to fight Thanos and his army of Outriders.

As for the Spider-Man clip, it shows Peter Parker's friend Ned creating a diversion on a school bus allowing Parker to jump into action as Spider-Man.

Enjoy the new promo videos below and tell us what you think! The movie comes on on April 27th!

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