Helium Harvey - Charming, Possibly Effed Up Animated Short

Depending on how you interpret this animated short, this could be a really disturbing tale. Written, directed, and animated by Daniel Savage, "Helium Harvey" follows a young child who is swept away on a magical trip across the globe after accidentally swallowing a helium balloon. Or at least that’s how I looked at the film the first watch through. Then as I pondered and rewatched it, I realized that this whimsical journey could really have been something quite chilling. Watch the short film and join me below the vid for my theory.

So, was this kid transported into a magical realm through the skies and seemingly through time? Or did this (clearly unsupervised) child just have a near death experience from choking on a balloon? At the very least, he got some bad helium, and he just tripped balls all day. All I know, is that if these events did indeed take place, then a viewing of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory — or Family Guy’s spoof of it — would have helped him through this ordeal/adventure.

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