Henry Cavill Still Wants To Play Superman and Make a MAN OF STEEL Sequel

It’s been reported several times that Warner Bros. and DC are distancing themselves from the films that Zack Snyder made. They are on a new path and Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill don’t seem to be a part of those future plans.

That doesn’t stop Cavill from still wanting to be a part of it! I actually thought Cavill was a great choice to take on the role of Superman. A lot of fans don’t like how the character was portrayed in these films, but Cavill was still a perfect fit for the character.

Cavill was recently at San Diego Comic-Con to promoteThe Witcher, and while there as Roger Roecken, had a chance to talk to the actor about Superman and he says that Cavil told him that “he still wants to play Superman.” He went on to say that he “wants a sequel to Man of Steel” and “to explore how it effects someone with absolute power, so many stories to tell what makes him tick."

You can see the tweets below:

I would actually love to see Cavill back as Superman in a Man of Steel sequel, but as of right now, DC has no plans for another Superman movie in the near future. However, they are focused on developing a Supergirl movie. I doubt that’s something Cavill would be involved with.

Regardless of what happens with Cavill’s superman in the future, it’s good to know that Cavill is still open to reprising the role if WB and DC ever decide they want to use him again.

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