Henry Cavill Teases Superman’s Black Suit in JUSTICE LEAGUE

It looks like Henry Cavill will be sporting a black Superman suit in Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie. Even though the character seemingly died at the end of Batman v Superman at the hands of Doomsday, we all knew he was going to be coming back. We’re just not sure how his resurrection is going to take place in the DCEU. 

Snyder previously teased that he would return with long hair, and now Cavill teases the black suit he’ll be wearing in a photo he posted on Instagram. This suggests that his return will be influenced by The Death and Return of Superman comic book story arc, which was published back in the early '90s. 

In that storyline, when Superman was brought back to life he had a black costume and long hair. In the comics, after Superman was killed, he was restored in a regeneration chamber at the Fortress of Solitude, and he was resurrected with the new look. I have no idea if that’s how it will go down in the film, but we’ll eventually find out!

Justice League will open in theaters on November 17th, 2017. Here's the photo.


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