Her Universe is Launching the "Sisters of the Force" Collection Next Week

Next week, Her Universe will launch a new collection for Star Wars fans called “Sisters of the Force”. The launch will happen at Star Wars Celebration Chicago and the collection includes shirts, jackets, dresses, and more.

If you’re unfamiliar with Her Universe, it is a fangirl fashion and lifestyle outfit from Ashley Eckstein, most likely known by fans as Ahsoka Tano. Eckstein even sat down with StarWars.com recently to talk about the new collection and she goes through each piece.

I have included a couple of examples but be sure to check out the original article for details on the whole collection. Also, while Her Universe is centered on female fans, the company did launch Our Universe last year which offers some options in unisex.

Padme Nouveau

If this nouveau design looks familiar, that’s because the piece was pulled from the Her Universe vault to be reissued by request. “It was our most popular shirt when we first launched. That shirt hasn’t been available for over 5 years. But people still request it because their first shirt is worn out or they’re a newer Her Universe fan.

Rey Tee

So many guys not only have supported us from day one but on a regular basis they tell me we’re one of the only brands that offer Ahsoka Tano T-shirts for men. That quote felt like it was right for Rey, right for the saga where we are now going into Episode IX, and just right as an inspiring quote in everyday life.

You can see images of other parts of the collection below. Which is your favorite?

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