HERCULES Is Rumored to Be the Male Lead Role in Marvel's THE ETERNALS and He'll Reportedly Be Gay

A new rumor has surfaced regarding The Eternals in regard to the lead male character in the film. We already know that Sersi will be the lead female character, and now we’ve learned from Cosmic MCU that Hercules will be the male lead.

That’s not all; there’s a little twist to his character. According to the report, Hercules will be gay and that will make him Marvel’s first openly gay lead character. It’s explained that Marvel isn’t “listing the character on the casting breakdowns like the other Eternals, instead he has a code name like Karen.”

There’s now word on who will play him, but apparently that announcement will come soon and the report says that “it will probably be someone fans have been speculating would be in the movie.” I don’t who that someone could be because I haven’t seen much casting speculation.

The one bit of casting information that we do have is that Angelina Jolie will be playing one of the leads, which could possibly be Sersi.

So, it’s time to start speculating! Who do you think will be cast in the role of Hercules in The Eternals!?

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