Here Are 24 More Fighting Styles for D&D

Do you think the weapons in Dungeons & Dragons are a little bland? Well, you may want to check out the new fighting style options in Ian Lambert’s Deadly with Any Blade. This unofficial supplement provides 24 new Fighting Styles including Nunchaku Expert. There are a fair number that give bonuses to tripping and grappling, which I found to be very interesting.

Fifth Edition did people a lot of favors by simplifying the rules, but weapons were greatly homogenized and lost many of the special features and abilities they had in previous editions. Introduced here are twenty-four new fighting styles that allow for narrow specialization, often with just one or two weapons. Through dedicated training to a single weapon or group of weapons, a warrior can accomplish incredible feats and become deadly with any blade.

Deadly with Any Blade is available on DMs Guild for $0.99.

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