Here are a Couple of Resources to Put Mewtwo and Other Pokemon Into Your D&D Game


There are tabletop RPGs for just about everything these days. Oddly enough, there’s no Pokémon TRPG. Well, some fans out there are trying to right this wrong and have started projects dedicated to bringing everyone’s favorite pocket monsters to their Dungeons & Dragons game. After all, some Pokémon are dragons.

One of these projects is Kanto Pokedex Version 5e from Tim Gonzalez. He has the first 151 Pokémon complete with statblocks for your party to encounter. That’s right, even Metapod has a statblock! I’m really curious how he figured out how strong each of these is though as Scyther has a CR (Challenge Rating) of 4, but Magmar is a 2 and Electabuzz is only a 1. I would’ve thought those three would be more closely grouped.

Another project is the Pocket Monster Manual on Tumblr. It’s not as nicely organized as the KPV, but there’s a search bar that can be utilized easy enough. I do also think that the PMM features CRs closer to what I would expect. For example, in KPV Nidoking is given a CR of 6. I felt like this was weak for such a cool and strong beast personally, so I was happy to see the PMM gave him a CR of 10.

Of course, both feature legendary Pokémon like Mewtwo if you’re really looking to challenge your players. You can find Mewtwo in the KPV and the PMM respectively. Now I really want to find a way to put Pokemon in my campaign.

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