Here Are Some More Ravenloft Encounters for Your D&D Game

Ravenloft is a campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons that is more gothic horror than high fantasy. This is the setting for the beloved campaign Curse of Strahd.

Well, if you are running a game in Curse of Strahd and need ideas on more campaigns to fill time or just give your players something to do, you may want to check out Barovian Nights - 101 Ravenloft Encounters from Oliver Clegg. These encounters have neatly been arranged by their environment, which is something I wish all materials would do whether it be encounters or monsters.

Welcome, stranger. I almost didn't see you there, the mist being what it is at this time of year. You don't look like you're from around here, maybe you could use some directions?

Look here, don't be frightened, I'm not a ghost.

Down that way is the village of Barovia - not a great place to start, if you ask me. Depressing, unless you're into rats and sour wine.

Over there is Vallaki, though it's quite a trek, and it's coming on to nightfall. 

Yes, I'm sure you can take care of yourself, but watch out for the wolves. Our wolves are different. 

Up there? You mean the castle? Oh, no. I wouldn't go there. The Master doesn't appreciate being disturbed by visitors, not at this hour, he'll just be waking up.

Look, why don't you come back to our camp with me. Madame Eva sees all sorts of truths in the cards - she's something of a fortune teller.

Perhaps she can help you. Don't touch the crystal ball, though. She's very particular about that. 

There’s a lot more for Curse of Strahd and Ravenloft fans in this unofficial supplement. You can grab Barovian Nights on DMs Guild for $9.99.

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