Here Are Some New Oscar Categories That Should Exist

Rant The Oscars by Tommy Williams

I was watching the Oscars with family this year and someone started talking about how they don’t see why there are two categories for sound, sound editing and sound mixing. Some of us tried to explain the differences, but they thought it a little confusing and didn’t see why it wasn’t lumped into a singular category. This discussion of categories combined with the movement wanting awards categories for stunt work got me thinking about some things and I have decided that the Oscars should add some new categories, but they should be good and meaningful, unlike that Most Popular category they talked about introducing. So, here are some awards that I think should be presented.


Foley is the art of recording sound effects for a film. It can include the sound that lasers make, or even the sound of clothing flying through the air. Foley artists do incredible work, and I think they are long overdue for some more recognition.

Stunt Actor/Actress

You knew this one was coming. We celebrate actors and actresses who are able to perform emotional pieces and make you feel. Stunt actors literally risk their lives for their jobs though. Why are they not recognized more? I know I’m not the only one that feels this way and I’m glad that people in Hollywood are becoming more vocal about it. Let’s make it happen!

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt coordinators help make the stunt actors look good. Not only are coordinators typically in charge of casting the stunt actors, they also design and choreograph many stunts. How is this not a thing? Many films would be awful without good stunt coordinators and stunt actors, yet they don’t give them any of the spotlight.

Voice Actor/Actress

We celebrate animated films, but not the voices behind them? Why not give the same honors to people doing voice acting as those not doing voice acting? It’s not exactly easy. They have to work hard to convey emotions and meaning with the only asset of theirs being their voice. You can’t see the voice actors scowl or smile. You have to hear it.

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