Here Are Some of The Best 2019 Super Bowl Commercials; What Were Your Favorites?

VideosHumor Super Bowl by Joey Paur

So, last night’s Super Bowl was pretty damn boring and uneventful. We posted all of the movie trailers that premiered during the big game yesterday, but today I thought I’d share some of the best commercials that aired. Just in case you didn’t watch the game, you can see the commercials here. Some of them are extended versions of the commercials as well.

There were a lot of big stars that showed up in some of these commercials like Harrison Ford in an Amazon ad, Michael C. Hall in a weird Skittles musical ad, Christina Applegate getting pissed off in an M&Ms ad, Jason Bateman in a Hyundai ad, Sarah Michelle Gellar in a horror-themed Olay ad, and more. There was also a fun Game of Thrones Bud Light ad where The Mountain fights a Bud Light Knight.

Check out all the Super Bowl spots below and let us know what your favorites were!

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