Here's a CLOVERFIELD Fan Film Called MEGAN That Bridges The Gap Between Movies


If you're a fan of the Cloverfield film franchise, I've got a great fan film here that's worth checking out. It's a proof of concept short called Megan and its purpose is to bridge the gap between the first Cloverfield movie and 10 Cloverfield Lane

The title, Megan, refers to the lost daughter of Howard Stambler, the owner of the house at 10 Cloverfield Lane, who was awesomely played by John Goodman. Her name was referenced a few times in 10 Cloverfied Lane. The character was also a main component of the alternate reality game that led to the release of the film.

Megan was directed by Greg Strasz and I think that fans will actually dig it. What they present here is actually pretty intriguing and the production value is impressive. 

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