Here's a Fantastic CG Animated Short Sequel From Neil Blomkamp Called ADAM: THE MIRROR


Neil Blompkamp's Oats Studios has released a new CG animated short film called Adam: The Mirror, which is the second film in a series that started with the short Adam, which was released about a year ago.

The short was created using a real-time rendering engine called Unity for video games. It offers some awesomely stunning visuals.

The short is set in the distant future, and the story revolves around a robot named Adam who confusingly wakes up to find he’s being released into a world with other robots just him. You can see that he’s a felon with a digital screen on his chest that reads, “Adam M. Thomas - Felony Code 227900". After they are released, they are confronted with two mysterious bounty hunter-type characters who remove the felony code and free them. 

As far as the next episode goes, it follows our amnesiac hero as he discovers a clue about what and who he is. I included both of the short below for you to watch.

I really like where this story is going and I'm looking forward to seeing how the next chapter turns out! I'm hooked!

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