Here's a New Clip from the First Episode of GEN:LOCK

This weekend is the premiere of gen:LOCK, Rooster Teeth’s latest anime-inspired show. I cannot wait to see it and this new clip from the first episode isn’t helping. It’s not a long clip and it doesn’t tell us too much, but it looks like my kind of mech anime. I love it when there are special mechs that are like superheroes compared to the other mechs in the series. Think of it like the Gundam in Gundam Wing versus the other mobile suits. One Gundam could take down a bunch of Leos, Tauruses, Cancers, etc. and it was awesome. You can watch the first episode of gen:LOCK for free on Rooster Teeth starting January 26, 2019. Episode two will be available on the same day but only to Rooster Teeth First subscribers and all subsequent episodes will require a subscription as well.

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