Here's a Supercut of Benedict Cumberbatch Stopping Tom Holland From Spoiling INFINITY WAR in Various Interviews

Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man in my book. The problem? He’s terrible at keeping secrets. He knows it, too! In Spider-Man: Homecoming his friend and aunt both see him in the Spidey-suit. Outside of the movies, he’s known as the worst (except for maybe Mark Ruffalo) at spoiling these Marvel films. He even sent out a tweet about that letter about #ThanosDemandsYourSilence and how it was for him. That’s why it’s a good thing Marvel seems to always have him paired up with another cast member in interviews. That way, they can stop him from doing something stupid like leave his phone on during the premiere of his movie (yeah Ruffalo, that was bad). In this supercut, you can watch Benedict Cumberbatch keeping Holland from spoiling Avengers: Infinity War. My favorite is when Cumberbatch very quickly cuts Holland off and says, “I’ll answer it.”

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