Here's a Video That Counts Down The 25 Best Films of 2017

VideosMovie by Joey Paur

The end of the year is upon us, which means all of the film geeks are going to start releasing their lists of what they feel are the best films of 2017. Today we have a video countdown from film critic David Ehrlich. The video consists of 25 films that he thinks are the best of the year. This is just his opinion and I'm sure you will agree with some of his choices and disagree with some them. That's just the life of a film geek. We all have our own tastes and opinions. For Example, there's no way I'd put a lot of these on my list. But, there are a few movies in this video that overlap with my own list that I'm currently putting together. Watch the video below and let us know you you think of the list.

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