Here's Billy Crystal's Fun Buzz Lightyear Screen Test for Pixar's TOY STORY

Pixar changed the face of animated films forever when they released Toy Story in 1995. Since then, CG animated films have exploded. As you know, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen were ultimately cast in the roles of Woody and Buzz Lightyear, but other actors were considered for the roles. One of those actors was Billy Crystal, who was actually Pixar's original first choice to play Buzz Lightyear. To help see what Buzz would look like with his voice, the animators animated Buzz Lightyear delivering some of Crystal's dialogue from When Harry Met Sally. This was Pixar's Billy Crystal screen test, and you know what? I actually kinda love it! 

Crystal has a very different voice than Allen, but as I watched this test video I saw that it fantastically works for the character. You might not all agree with me, but I think Crystal would've been fun as Buzz. I understand why Pixar went with Allen, and he was awesome in the role. I'm just saying that had Crystal voiced Buzz in an alternate universe, I bet it would've been great. Check it out.