Here's My Dream Cast For Ryan Reynold's CLUE Remake


We just learned that Ryan Reynolds will be starring in the remake of Clue and while I am sad they are doing a remake, I believe there’s a chance it can still be good. In fact, every time I watch Clue, my wife and I go over our dream cast for a remake and I thought I’d share my thoughts in case Reynolds wanted to get some ideas of people to consider for the roles. Of course, this is keeping with the original idea for the story and characters (more or less), but we don’t know what Reynolds, and Deadpool writers Rhett Reese, and Paul Wernick have in store for the story.

Professor Plum – Ryan Reynolds

I originally had Will Arnett here, but with the casting of Reynolds already done, I think this is a great role for him. A charming yet highly inappropriate character. He lost his license for doing things with his female patients that doctors aren’t allowed to do after all.

Colonel Mustard – Nick Offerman

This role is a bit harder to cast as there are so many great options including Nathan Fillion and Patrick Warburton. However, I think Nick Offerman would be best to play this character who makes money on the black market with his luscious voice and ability to be serious with a hint of crazy.

Ms. Peacock – Allison Janney

Allison Janney is freaking hilarious. She is also very good at acting sophisticated as needed for the role of a senator’s wife. Basically, imagine CJ Craig from The West Wing with a bit more comedy thrown in and you’ve got what I’m thinking.

Mr. Boddy – Wil Wheaton

While watching Clue, it always takes me a minute to realize that Mr. Body is not being played by Wil Wheaton. They just look so similar that Wheaton has to be my choice for this role. Plus, I’m sure they could sneak in a “Shut up Wesley” joke in there somehow.

Mrs. White – Aubrey Plaza

Madeline Kahn does a legendary performance of Mrs. White in the original film. It’s hard to find someone that can match her deadpan humor, but I think Aubrey Plaza would be fantastic at it.

Wadsworth (The Butler) – Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi is one of my all-time favorite actors and I think he is one of the few that could bring the crazy high energy needed to fill Tim Curry’s shoes. While Curry’s Wadsworth was perfect, I don’t think he’d be up for the role again.

Mr. Green – John Boyega

John Boyega would be my pick for this secret agent. I think he has what it takes to portray a lawful character who also appears fairly innocent for the majority of the movie.

Ms. Scarlet - Portia De Rossi

Able to channel the sexy side of a businesswoman no problem, Portia De Rossi is perfect for the role of this Washington DC (or wherever they set the remake) pimp.

Yvette (The Maid) – Yvonne Strahovski

Yvette is eye candy with an accent and Yvonne Strahovski would be able to deliver both of those no problem. Strahovski is a talented actress who can do amazing accents in case they decided to not go with her natural Australian one.

Singing Telegram – Anna Kendrick

While I won’t list all of the various side characters, I think Anna Kendrick is great for the role. While there are many who would be great in the role, Kendrick's perkiness and very prominent singing roles put her ahead of the pack.

What are some actors that you would like to see cast in the Clue remake?

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